Stewartville secondary school

The group was created to make myself and some other friends of mine who finish Stwewartville Sec to feel a bit closer ... so share your thoughts and your memories about the good times :) and just have a great time by interacting with each other :)

No hate. Just Love
NO CUSSING OUT EACH OTHER PEOPLE! unless its a funny thing

This group allows you to meet and interact with people from stewartville secondary, you will still be connected with all your friends after leaving school.
This group was not created to destroy anyone character e.g. teacher or student.
The administrators are Carl Pedro & George Langevine (assistant #2) we will not be responsible for any member in whatever they say or do, its all a part of having fun. If you don't like something in this group feel free to inbox any of the 2 administrators and we will solve/fix it.