Sell Everything - Gosport / Fareham

THE place to sell all your unwanted stuff with no costs in your local area!!

Please keep your items for sale 'appropriate' and legal!

No trading of FAKES(Beats, Dre, Ice, Perfumes DVD's etc) Replica's, pirated software, anything circumventing security of gaming systems (R4/Soft mods etc) Tobacco/cigs, posts of this nature will be removed and poster banned.

No Weapons Real/Replica/Air/BB/Airsoft etc etc

No selling of Dummy Cords, Clips or 'Bling' Dummys...

No Animals.

No Bumping more than once per day. Repeatedly bumped posts will be deleted and member banned after 3 removals.

Any problems please contact admin. Note, this is just a place to put adverts we cannot be held responsible for anything afterwards!

Posting links to other 'Sell' Groups/Pages or to referral/spam and
scam sites is instant ban...

Blocking Admin's is Instant ban...