Farm Town Dynamic Bonus Group

Welcome to Farm Town Dynamic Bonus Group. This group has been created in order to help you maximise your facility production. Many times, we can find it very hard to produce enough items, which are needed in our facilities and also our client referrals. One of the best ways, to get extra supplies, is by collecting on all the bonuses that become available . This group will enable you to have access to a lot more bonus posts than you would otherwise have, if you had to purely rely on friends and neighbours.
We welcome members, old and new, so please feel free to click on "join group" and a member of Admin will be waiting to extend you a warm welcome.
Please do not advertise other Groups or place other adverts on this wall, they shall be removed instantly.
Documents contained within this Group, are subject to Copyright and are purely for the personal use of all members. The copying and pasting of them, in order to publish them elsewhere, without first obtaining permission, is prohibited.