Oscha Slings FEEDBACK

Welcome to the Oscha Slings Feedback Group!
Please create your own Feedback Album by clicking the photos tab, choosing Upload Photo and Naming it Feedback for: your name. Link your feedbacks from other groups and use this on your FSOT posts in Oscha Slings BST to keep our community a safe place to buy, sell & trade. (You should add screenshots in the comments of the "old" feedback in the main group"
For mobile users you can upload a picture to this album: http://on.fb.me/1dBVOKQ

Also linked is our current FSOT album: FS/FT album:


But please note creating your own album will ensure your pic is easily searchable.
Admin also HIGHLY recommend saving your feedback link elsewhere to protect against future possible FB glitches.

Thank you, and if you need any help please PM or tag an admin!