Expats: What happens if the UK leaves EU?

Don't Sleepwalk Into Disaster!
Do you know what might happen to YOU if Britain leaves the EU?

Objectives of the group:
1. We are non-partisan and linked to no political party.
2. Our aims are to educate and campaign.
3. We want to see Britain remain a member of the EU but above all we want to protect the rights of the two million British citizens currentl living in the other countries of the EU.
4. Our aim is to emphasise and highlight the benefits accruing to all citizens living in the EU, in particular those pertaining to the free movement of people.
5. We will seek the support of politicians and opinion formers in the UK and across the EU to ensure that they recognise our position and the severe consequences that could result for us should Britain leave the EU.

Summary of consequences for expats: