Mosin Nagant Modders

This is a group for modders and DIY gunsmiths only and those seeking to learn about modifying the Mosin Nagant rifle. No purists need join but we do respect the rich history of this rifle and do not advocate destroying/modifying solid quality rare variants of this great rifle. There will be a general respect for one another in this group and we want to promote a friendly community of modders. If you do not have firearm related items on your FB page or it is hard to confirm that you are appropriate for our group we will not add you to the group. Selling items and posting items for sale is not allowed on this site. Sharing info about products from users and experienced professionals is allowed/encouraged when it is for the goal of educating, but any selling of items is not allowed in postings unless approved by the Admins.

If we cannot see your Facebook wall or rifle or gun related info when you request to join and if we think you are not 18 we will not approve you to join our group. Thank you.