Sylvanian Society of the Philippines

Welcome to Sylvanian Society of the Philippines! This is a trading club for SF collectors. Swapping, buying, selling, tips exchange, and storytelling are the activities here. Build your Sylvanian Home and expand your family and friends. Post your photos, wares, and questions.

Items that are compatible with SF like Silvan (Happy Family), other similar miniatures, and original creations (OOAK) are welcome for trading here.

Strictly Sylvanian Families (a.k.a. Calico Critters) and unoriginal but compatible accessories will be allowed here. No other toys please :)

The Sylvanian Society of the Philippines invites you to participate in its advocacy - ANIMAL WELFARE. The Sylvanians reflect a reality that animals are like humans too - they raise families, build homes, and protect their offspring. Pls help spread this awareness through our group, and soon, people the world over, regardless of their diet, will treat animals humanely.

To join, pls click: