Moorefield Girls High School - Class of 02

Unroll those tartan skirts, fire up those chicken & corn rolls and get your yellow PE shirts out from the under the laundry sink...

Welcome to the Moorefield Girls High School Class of 02 Facebook group. (GIRLS ONLY)

Good ol' Facebook, the only forum where we've been able to catch up for a somewhat unorothodox semi-reunion.

Post incriminatingly daggy pics of eachother, catch up with what we're all doing now since binning our red jumpers (some never even wore them in the first place - naughties!) and reminisce about 1997-2002 (even if you left early, we still remember you lol).

NB: Please try not to post pics of any girls who have adopted the wearing of the Islamic headscarf since school. Thanks for understanding :) A nice blur or scribble over the person will do fine.