Design a monument for "shahid thawret el tahrir" ELTAHRIR CULTURAL MOVEMENT

the aim of this group is to form a new movement, a cultural movement forming our new identity as artists, philosophers, and thinkers. i suggested the "monument of el shahid" as a starting project for our new movement. for years me and my fellow architects have been suffering lack of identity in architecture, now my hope is to grasp what's happening as a point of change from which we can build our new cultural identity, an identity of liberation, freedom, respect of our tradition, with expression of the 21 st century. remember, u don't have to be an artist or an architect, anyone has the ability to express in his or her own way. please each one of us who is interested, post ideas but without being aggressive in a certain point of view. this is a non profit, non political movement, our only target is to up lift our cultural identity.