KandosCorp (New Mandalore Business Conglomerate)

Kandosii Corporation also known as KandosCorp

The business conglomerate of the New Mandalore Confederation. Ranging in products from Droids to Blasters, Ships to Armor, Ore to Toxins. KandosCorp has something for every niche and need, feel free to contact one of our business associate's today!

*Rim Securities
*Prax Arms
*Luxan Personal Armaments, Ltd.
*'Geneering Products
*Loratus Manufacturing
*Hyrotii Corporation
*Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks
*Delvin Constructs
*Star Tours
*Sabrin Ring
*Ragnar Syndicate
*Seraphan Industries
*Stern Traders

Production Facilities:
*Abridon Shipyards
*Cuthbern Factories
*New Mandalore Shipyards
*Star Forge (Over NM's sun)
*Rhen Var Factories
*Gihaal Orbital Shipyards