shamanic healing retreat

We invite you to experience the mysterious power of ancient traditional rituals including the use of sacred visionary medicinal plants. It is a journey of deep personal transformation with a deep connection to the Divine within each one of us. In this process you may experience profound emotional and psychological reactions: clearing your mind and body of negative energies, liberating traumas and worries that have been disturbing you over the years.

The Shamanic Healing Retreat is based on using the knowledge of ancient Inca and Amazonian wisdom including the ingestion of the sacred visionary teacher plants "Ayahuasca and Huachuma." These ceremonies are guided with the traditional practices of the Andes by Aymara shamans.

The retreats are conducted using various techniques and practices including meditation, shamanic exercises, bodyworks, ancient rituals, ceremonies, yoga and spiritual life coach workshops that can help you with your personal development.

Ready for the adventure?