Fond Memories of Swansea

I have put this site together, so people can discuss and upload pictures that bring back great memories about growing up in and around Swansea.

Stories of Shops & Cafes long gone. Like Eynons Cafe in Cradock street. Where every Saturday we all met up and spend hours listening to music and drinking loads of Tea.

Does anyone remember the DAL Hot air Balloon. Seen all over Swansea during the late 60's early 70's.

How about the club to beat all clubs, on the Kingsway. Yes I really do mean.............. THE TOP RANK. Saturday Mornings, March of the Mods, Live Bands and all washed down with what was then called SNOW BALLS. Slush puppies these days. lol

Fantastic evenings at Olchfa Youth Club.
Miners strikes, Meaning electricity was turned off for a few hours in the evenings.

Much, Much, More....... Come on tell us your memories