Saint paul va online yard sale

Online Yard Sale---Buying/ Selling Locally!!
The following rules apply to ALL members at ALL times!!
1. Admin. is not responsible for any of the transactions between the seller/buyer.You do so at your own risk.Always Be Cautious!!
2. Absolutely NO "vote for me"posts.Ex.--pageants,politics,etc.
3.If under 18 years of age you must have a parent/guardians consent to sale/buy items.It is the other partys responsibility to ensure that any minor they buy or sell to has parental consent and this admin. strongly advises that a parent/guardian be present at time of transactions.
4. Foul/Threatening Language will not be tolerated.
5.No sell is final until money exchanges hands.The seller has the right to sell to whomever they wish.
6. Any dispute should be handled between parties and not on the group.
7.There is no limit to the amount of items you post but do not double post the same item.You may bump your items up 4 times per day.
8.Please delete items that you have sold.Thank You!