Whimsical Artists Wonderland of Imaginary

A whimsical wonderland of imaginary, this is a magical meeting place for whimsical artists to meet and greet, show your wonderful art and tell us all about it. Please post and share your art here. Just a few words about group etiquette, as our group grows we have a few little challenges, one is spam, people posting links to sites selling sunglasses, bags shoes etc If you see these please report it as spam and a moderator will delete it. We are here to share our art, when you post a picture of your art work please tell us something about it, title, media size etc or just a bit about your process… We have recently had a few posts that have no comments from the poster and are just links to places where the art is for sale for example
Etsy / Ebay etc this is just outright sales marketing, these posts will be deleted. When you post a picture of your art, with a comment, by all means add a link to your Facebook art page/website. We recently had a poll on whether to allow the words 'for sale/available or the price', and this was approved, but please bear in mind we do not want spamming with posts of no content 'hit and runs' or multiple posts of work for sale 'these posts will be deleted. It is common Facebook group etiquette not to post advertisements or invitations within groups for people to join other groups. We are here to enjoy each others art, share, learn, be inspired and motivated, make friends, all of those things and more, above all enjoy art! Let us explore your imagination! Imagination has no boundaries so let us fly together!